Eye Agate/Mother of Pearl/Rainbow Aura Quartz [AGEY/MO/AURA-L10]

Eye Agate/Mother of Pearl/Rainbow Aura Quartz [AGEY/MO/AURA-L10]

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Since Ageto-Chalcedony's group is a crystal made of various materials gathered, it is said that the meaning of "sharing" "gathering" is put in it. This "sharing" "aggregation" is intended to deepen ties with other people, it is said that by communication it is said that time and information are shared, human relationships are made better by multiple people gathering etc.
Eye Agate is transmitted as it strengthens sexual energy, so it is gaining popularity as an amulet of children and baby goods.

Mother of Pearl has power of the ocean, it symbolizes child treasure and prosperity, it has been told that it has been familiar as an amulet of child rearing and delivery from long ago.
It is said that after mothers who are mothers who produce pearls, they increase women's maternity love. It is said that by raising maternal love, it fosters the feelings of women 's inner charm, love and compassion, stabilizes the tired mind with child rearing, and gives peace.

Rainbow quartz also has the same meaning as crystal. Among the many power stones, the popularity of crystal is said to be immovable, it is a stone that loves from knowledge to beginners. It is said that the crystal has a meaning such as ""fortune-telling, purification, amulet, fulfillment of heartfelt"", etc. It is used as an amulet in a wide sense.
Rainbow Quartz is said to be said to raise the potential of the owner, and it is said that it will become a power to further enhance the skills that confidence possesses and good points.