Purple Tiger's Eye/Lavender Amethyst/Crack Crystal [TIPU/AMLA/CRCR-L10]

Purple Tiger's Eye/Lavender Amethyst/Crack Crystal [TIPU/AMLA/CRCR-L10]

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Purple Tiger's Eye is a color made by artificially dyeing. Rather than purple, it is rather close to violet (blue purple) color.
Tiger's eye known as an amulet of money luck.
Although the most popular Yellow Tiger's Eye is yellow, it is easy to associate with luck, but the meaning of this luck comes from "eyes of the tiger", and also to other color tiger eyes including Purple Tiger's Eye It is common.
It is said that Tiger's Eye with its "eyes of the tiger" enhances the owner's insight, as it was thought that "eyes of the tiger" is "seeing everything" for a long time. As insight increases, everything will be reachable. Reaching the part where ordinary people do not notice is a great strength and grows itself.
To raise this insight is also a reason also known as an amulet of prosperous business.

As with amethyst, lavender amethyst is said to be "a guardian stone of love" and "bringing true love".
The amethyst who has a "noble purple" impression also has a sense of calmness and calmness so that it becomes a force to see the essence of the partner without being disturbed by the appearance and atmosphere even in romance which tends to be emotional It is said.

Crack crystal has the same meaning as crystal before processing.
Among the many power stones it is said that popularity of crystal is said to be immovable, it is a stone that loves from knowledge to beginners.
It is said that the crystal has a meaning such as "luck, purification, amulet, fulfillment of desire" and it is used as an amulet in a wide sense.