Sodalite/Blue Chalcedony/Silver Aura Quartz (Kannon Bodhisattva Crystal) [SO/CHBL/AUSI(Kannon BodhisattvaCR14)-M10]

Sodalite/Blue Chalcedony/Silver Aura Quartz (Kannon Bodhisattva Crystal) [SO/CHBL/AUSI(Kannon BodhisattvaCR14)-M10]

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Sodalite brings inner peace, harmony, psychic development and clairvoyance. Sodalite is a good stone for oversensitive and defensive people as it improves courage and self-esteem.
Sodalite strengthens the power of mind over body and bridges the gap between your thoughts and your feelings.

Chalcedony group is a crystal formed by various materials gathered, it is said that the meaning of "sharing" "gathering" is put in it.
Chalcedony also has a different meaning depending on the color.
Blue Chalcedony is said to have healing powers and it is said that the owner's heart can be relaxed with gentle energy.

Silver Aura Quartz has been prized for its ability to expand the consciousness and heal the physical and spiritual body with its magically high vibrations.

Crystal is a common stone, but very powerful, versatile multi-purpose healing stone. It is mainly used in healing as amplification for the energies of the other working stones.
Crystal has a similar vibration as humans. Using a crystal to meditate and wearing or keeping a crystal helps to a better understanding of yourself.

Kannon Bodhisattva is a merciful Bodhisattva that sees people's voices and rescues them from their suffering, is a bodhisattva loved by people, widely believed over the sects of sects.
It is said that Kannon is named from observing the sound. To look is to correctly see people's appearance.