Fluorite/Crack Crystal [FL/CRCR-U10]

Fluorite/Crack Crystal [FL/CRCR-U10]

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Item description

Design could vary depending on the size you select.
Bracelet using Crack Crystal Multi-color could have a slight difference in color to photo.

Fluorite also sometimes called "Genius Stone".
Fluorite works to unleash yourself from thought patterns and suppressed emotions that have become fixed as adults increase their freedom and innocence ideas and thinking power as children.
It is also a stone that activates the brain and hippocampus, enhances clarity and memory, and it helps to relieve tired head when holding it for examination and study. Of course it is also recommended for an amulet of the examination.
It is also a stone that helps solve problems, it is also a stone that refines the energy to clear up the fog in front of you for troubled people and strangers and lightens the clues for solution like a lighthouse showing the way .
Fluorite has energy characteristics somewhat different for each color. As a tendency to the last, the purple system tends to raise clarity and sensitivity, the green system works healing, and the gradation color one seems to have a strong tendency to increase imagination.

Crack crystal has the same meaning as crystal before processing.
Among the many power stones it is said that popularity of crystal is said to be immovable, it is a stone that loves from knowledge to beginners.
It is said that the crystal has a meaning such as "luck, purification, amulet, fulfillment of desire" and it is used as an amulet in a wide sense.