Shell Pearl Yellow/Mother of Pearl [SHPEYE/MO-L10]

Shell Pearl Yellow/Mother of Pearl [SHPEYE/MO-L10]

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Shell pearl is a type of imitation pearl (artificial pearl) which is made by reproducing pearl peculiar luster based on "shells" as its name suggests. It is said to have a lively, energetic energy produced by an organism called shellfish, and it will heal stress and tired mind and body. Because it is protected by mother shells and growing, it is said that the power of guardian is strong. It is said that there is a healing effect that responds sensitively to joy and sadness, and it will encourage human growth.
Shell pearl is inferior to book pearl in monetary value and rarity value, but it is popular as a material excellent in cost performance. In recent years, very high quality items are also made, and it is evaluated as beauty as good as comparable to this pearl.
Pearls have long been popular as women's accessories since ancient times.
The power related to "beauty" and "health" has been passed since long ago.
- To draw out the beauty of the inner face of the person wearing.
· By looking at the pearls you can relax your mind and body.
· Avoid the bad edges, to the amulet of amulet
It can be said that it is a stone that is expected to have various powers and has been living together with people.

Mother of Pearl has power of the ocean, it symbolizes child treasure and prosperity, it has been told that it has been familiar as an amulet of child rearing and delivery from long ago.
It is said that after mothers who are mothers who produce pearls, they increase women's maternity love. It is said that by raising maternal love, it fosters the feelings of women 's inner charm, love and compassion, stabilizes the tired mind with child rearing, and gives peace.