Howlite/Turquoise Howlite(Cherry blossom Crystal) [HOW/HOWBL(CherryBlosson CR12)-EN10]

Howlite/Turquoise Howlite(Cherry blossom Crystal) [HOW/HOWBL(CherryBlosson CR12)-EN10]

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Design could vary depending on the size you select.
Bracelet using Crack Crystal Multi-color could have a slight difference in color to photo.

It is said that white has a psychological effect of "clean impression" "makes me think that it should not be dirty". Howlite's natural white color is said to have an effect to clean your mind. "Clean up your heart" is like a so-called detox.

Turquoise Howlite is a great stone to reduce anxiety, tensions, stress and anger, it is gentle, soothing and calms the energy around you. It is also good at encouraging emotional expression and it can help in the elimination of pain, and de-fuse stress and anger.

Crystal is a common stone, but very powerful, versatile multi-purpose healing stone. It is mainly used in healing as amplification for the energies of the other working stones.
Crystal has a similar vibration as humans. Using a crystal to meditate and wearing or keeping a crystal helps to a better understanding of yourself.