Red Tiger's Eye (Four Gods Onyx) [TIRE(Four GodsON12)-M10]

Red Tiger's Eye (Four Gods Onyx) [TIRE(Four GodsON12)-M10]

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Tiger eye known as an amulet of money luck.
Although the most popular Yellow Tiger Eye is yellow, it is easy to associate with luck, but the meaning of this luck comes from "eyes of the tiger", and also to other color tiger eyes including Red Tiger Eye It is common.
It is said that Tiger Eye with its "eyes of the tiger" enhances the owner's insight, as it was thought that "eyes of the tiger" is "seeing everything" for a long time. As insight increases, everything will be reachable. Reaching the part where ordinary people do not notice is a great strength and grows itself.
To raise this insight is also a reason also known as an amulet of prosperous business.
Red Tiger Eye aids in enhancing confidence and self-esteem. It provides motivation to the non-motivated and energizes those who are feeling lethargic.

Black onyx is a representative of a black power stone and it is familiar as a power stone of amulet and miserable power.
It is good to dismiss evil from long ago, it seems that it was used as an amulet protecting you from evil spirits.
It is expected as an amulet by pursuing the negative energy such as the owner's disturbance and bad luck in modern times too.

Sishen, also called four images, four spirits, namely Azure Dragon, White tiger , Suzaku and Genbu, is China's ancient people loved mascot. Originally known as the "four images" refers to water, Fire, wood, gold distribution of the quartet of the elephant.
it is a god that controls the east, west, south and north, and it is said that it guards each direction.

Azure dragon who is the most familiar among the fantasy holy beasts, and it is said that the figure of the dragon rising towards the heavens is so divinely that it enhances ambition.

The white tiger (baby) is a holy animal of the white tiger as its name, and has an elongated body. In China it is said that the tiger is not the lion but the tiger is the king of beasts and the oldest among the four gods.
It is said to protect homes and children, and it will also be noted as an amulet of money luck that will prosper throughout the age without fear of money.

Genbu is a sacred beast that looks like a snake wrapped around a long tortoise.
Genbu's "Xuan" means black, and it is good for defense. It is said to raise the energy of health · longevity, to withdraw the devil.

Suzaku is a phoenix-shaped red bird-shaped holy animal spreading its wings. It is said that to have energy of flames, and as a phoenix bird regenerates, as it will nurture a positive mind to challenge as many times as possible. Good for an amulet of fulfillment of desire and love fulfillment.