Snowflake Obsidian/Onyx[S-Line] (Pixiu Onyx) [OBSN/ON[SL](PixiuON14)-M10]

Snowflake Obsidian/Onyx[S-Line] (Pixiu Onyx) [OBSN/ON[SL](PixiuON14)-M10]

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Snowflake Obsidian is a stone of purity. It balances mind body and spirit.
Snowflake Obsidian also will bring out the Warrior spirit in you. It can help reach into your subconscious, reclaim yourself, and help you find or re-discover forgotten abilities within yourself,and helps with loneliness, isolation and rejection.

Black onyx is a representative of a black power stone and it is familiar as a power stone of amulet and miserable power.
It is good to dismiss evil from long ago, it seems that it was used as an amulet protecting you from evil spirits.
It is expected as an amulet by pursuing the negative energy such as the owner's disturbance and bad luck in modern times too.

Pixiu is a beast in the name on the legend.
Pixiu is a goddess of Chinese myth that staples treasure such as gold and silver and it is said to have a tremendous effect on improving good luck.
It is said that "touching once touches (tough luck), touching twice to improve good luck (financial resources), to touch a third to touch (Blue cloud walking)" in China.